Large Quantity Quotes can offer volume discounts in many cases when the quantities warrant and the total of the order of the single product SKU is over $600.  We cannot guarantee that we can do it with every product as often we’re already the lowest on the Internet.  But in an attempt to help our customers we are willing to review every situation as long as it meets certain criteria.

Remember, this is for quantities that total over $600 for multiples of an individual product, not orders of many items that total over $600. If you are ordering $600 or more of the same product we may be able to offer a quantity discount for you (i.e. 100 or more of a $ 6 item).  Send us an email with this information:

    – Item Number – We’ll need the item number for the product you’d like a quantity quote for.  This is found on any product page.

    – Quantity – How many are you looking to purchase?

    – Time Frame – When do you need them?  This is important.  Depending on a number of factors we may be able to get a better price for you if we have the time to order from the manufacturer.  If your need is not immediate (within the next few days), this could save you money.

    – Special Requirements – Depending on the item, are there special delivery issues we need to know about?

Please make sure you include the item number (s), quantity, when you must receive it, and if the product is heavy (or will be based on the quantity, if you have a loading dock, residential or business, any unusual delivery situation, etc.).

Along with those questions, we need you’re:

  Name and Last Name

 Contact Phone and Email


We’ll do our best to help.  In most cases we’ll get back to you the same day, next business day worst case.  We work very hard to earn your business and want to help when we can.

Thank you for the opportunity to help.